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It will bring comfort and humor to you and your family.

  • This super soft lightweight blanket will bring you warm and comfort. It can be used as a sofa blanket, travel blanket, camping blanket, and bed blanket.

  • Great for snuggling on the couch, picnicking in the park, watching a sporting event or (and this one's my favorite) just pretending to be the burrito.

  • When you wrap yourself in it, you will become a real burritos. What an funny blanket!

Features of Burrito Blanket

The Burrito Blankets are made with 100% microfiber fleece to keep you warm, relaxed, and feeling like a burrito. Similar to a real tortilla, the blankets are round and printed on top to look like a extra large tortilla.

While you're chilling on the sofa, watching flicks, and plowing through your fourth meal, you'll also get to be the tasty human filling for a huge and hopefully non-edible burrito, taco, quesadilla, tostada, enchilada, taquito, or whatever other Mexican food that is wrapped in a soft tortilla. 

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The burrito blanket features burn marks just like the real thing and aren’t full-on white, but comes in a beige/brown color that gives us that nostalgic warmness that only a tortilla can bring.


  • Use as a beach towel, fun at picnics, camping or just lounging on the couch

  • 100% Soft and Plush Microfiber

  • Become a giant human burrito with the Burrito Blanket

  • Great gift for all ages

What Customers Are Saying

Very soft

"Super Soft!Bought this for a secret santa at work. She absolutely loved it! Its super soft, big and looks exactly like the picture. Thinking about getting on for myself!"

- Holly T.

Nice gift

"Soft and LightI bought this for my wife’s birthday. She loves it. It’s not just cute and silly, but it is a perfectly soft, light blanket."

-John A.

Good buy

"It is very snuggly soft and was a huge hit. In fact, I bought another one for someone else because it is of such high quality."

- Leny D.