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Electric Back Massage Chair Cushion - On Sale Save 23% Today

If you want to feel relaxed at home, Electric Back Massage Chair Cushion is best to go with 

  • It delivers circular kneading plus in and out motion to relax and comfort tight muscles.

  • Vibration massage invigorates and melts away tension.

  • Electric Back Massage Cushion also features soothing heat for added comfort and is versatile for use for the neck, back and shoulders.

Benefits of Electric Back Massage Chair Cushion

It can be used at home, in the office and even as you drive. You simply plug it to the cigarette lighter in 

your vehicle and it is ready for use. So if you spend long hours driving, this cushion is ideal for you too.

Massage cushions are easy to set up and also to use. You simply strap them to your favorite chair, 

hook them up to a power source and select the intensity mode that you would like, sit back and relax. 

Electric Back Massager
$73.95 $56.95

Don’t settle for uncomfortable firm massage nodes when you could experience soft ones. They travel up and down the length of your spine, different option of massage to different areas of your back and neck.


  • High frequency vibration to relax stiff muscles and alleviate fatigue

  • Synchronized massage of multiple parts

  • A seat-heating operation is also included, perfect for your circulation inducement.

  • 9 gear intensity adjustment

What Customers Are Saying

Easy to use

"This pad is light and easy to use. It can be used in both both house and car. I love the multiple heads design, it covers my whole back."

- George P.

Works great!

"This is a very powerful massage cushion! One day I came home with a very bad low back pain. I placed it on my home office chair and it fits the chair very well. The heat warmed up my lower back immediately. "

-Claire G.

Good for Toddlers

"I feel much better of my upper back and my lower back it is like having my professional massager in my own home and I no longer need to travel to the massage business."

- Janice M.