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The Amazing Universal Phone Mount

  • Ultra-Strong Grips: Integrated nano adhesive technology, our gripping pad is a strong holder for mostly all surface and objects. 

  • Versatile Usage: It works perfectly on any surface includes glass, mirror, tile, wall, wood, car, furniture, and more.
  • No Traces and Residues: Our nano pad won't leave a single trace or residue on your phone, furniture, and other surfaces.

    Reusable: Renew the fixation effects with only a simple wash to remove dust and dirt on the nano pad. Works like brand new again!

What Customers Are Saying

Cool product!

"This is a very interesting product, used as a cell phone non-slip in the car! You can also do the phone stand to watch movies, If it is dirty, you can clean that and re-use, especially environmentally!"

- Gracey H.

Very useful

"My husband thinks it’s the greatest thing ever after trying several methods to keep his phone in place in the car. This does the trick. Also holds things to walls or any surface really."

- Savannah T.

Great product

" It is so versatile! I love this because it sticks to multiple places and can be moved easily. I definitely recommend this!"

- Rendie G.

Benefits of Universal Phone Mount

 It is a strong, multi-use, adhesive holder to makes your daily life more convenient. Specifically designed to grip where nothing else can, our gripping gel pad integrated the adhesive technology to holds anything firmly in place.

It’s as simple as you want it to be. Just put it where you can imagine it, your phone sticks to it easily. Whether it’s for study or entertainment, or driving. It keeps your eyes in a safe position. "Intimate” storage design, hanging small objects and small ornaments, also can stick tightly. Even glass bottles stick.

Universal Phone Mount
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HIGH-TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE: does not melt or deform, can be used as vehicle support, flexible and convenient.

SMALL AND PORTABLE: portable, at any time with use, travel essential.

You can attach your phone to the wall of your kitchen at will, and then you can cook while watching a cooking tutorial.

You can also attach your phone to the glass or wall while working out and have fun while exercising.

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