Mesh Breathable Baby Shoes

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Choosing an appropriate pair of shoes for babies is extremely important. Our Mesh breathable baby sneakers are a great choice for you. These shoes with soft bottoms and non-slip resistance will take good care of your baby feet, bring comfortable, encourage and cultivate your toddler’s in walking. It also makes a lovely look for your baby with a cute design.
Size(CN) Insole Length Recommended Age EU UK US Sutable For
20 13.5CM/5.3" 15-18Months 22.5 5.5 6.5M Little Kids
21 14CM/5.5" 18-24Months 23 6 7M Little Kids
22 14.5CM/5.7" 2-2.5Years 24 7 8M Little Kids
23 15CM/5.9" 2.5-3Years 25 7.5 8.5M Little Kids
24 15.5CM/6.1" 3-3.5Years 26 8 9M Little Kids
25 16CM/6.3" 3.5-4Years 26.5 8.5 9.5M Little Kids
26 16.5CM/6.5" 4-4.5Years 27 9 10M Little Kids
27 17CM/6.7" 4.5-5Years 28 10 11M Little Kids
28 17.5CM/6.9" 5-5.5Years 28.5 10.5 11.5M Little Kids
29 18CM/7.1" 5.5-6Years 29 11 12M Little Kids
30 18.5CM/7.3" 7Years 30 11.5 12.5M Little Kids
31 19CM/7.5" 8Years 31 12 13M Little Kids

Size(CN):20 Insole Length:13.5CM/5.3" Recommended Age:15-18Months EU:22.5 UK:5.5 US:6.5M Sutable For:Little Kids
Size(CN):21 Insole Length:14CM/5.5" Recommended Age:18-24Months EU:23 UK:6 US:7M Sutable For:Little Kids
Size(CN):22 Insole Length:14.5CM/5.7" Recommended Age:2-2.5Years EU:24 UK:7 US:8M Sutable For:Little Kids
Size(CN):23 Insole Length:15CM/5.9" Recommended Age:2.5-3Years EU:25 UK:7.5 US:8.5M Sutable For:Little Kids
Size(CN):24 Insole Length:15.5CM/6.1" Recommended Age:3-3.5Years EU:26 UK:8 US:9M Sutable For:Little Kids
Size(CN):25 Insole Length:16CM/6.3" Recommended Age:3.5-4Years EU:26.5 UK:8.5 US:9.5M Sutable For:Little Kids
Size(CN):26 Insole Length:16.5CM/6.5" Recommended Age:4-4.5Years EU:27 UK:9 US:10M Sutable For:Little Kids
Size(CN):27 Insole Length:17CM/6.7" Recommended Age:4.5-5Years EU:28 UK:10 US:11M Sutable For:Little Kids
Size(CN):28 Insole Length:17.5CM/6.9" Recommended Age:5-5.5Years EU:28.5 UK:10.5 US:11.5M Sutable For:Little Kids
Size(CN):29 Insole Length:18CM/7.1" Recommended Age:5.5-6Years EU:29 UK:11 US:12M Sutable For:Little Kids
Size(CN):30 Insole Length:18.5CM/7.3" Recommended Age:7Years EU:30 UK:11.5 US:12.5M Sutable For:Little Kids
Size(CN):31 Insole Length:19CM/7.5" Recommended Age:8Years EU:31 UK:12 US:13M Sutable For:Little Kids
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