Nozzle Gun

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1. Pressure range: 100 bar ~ 220 bar (1400psi ~ 3200 psi), both home-use and professional pressure washers work perfectly;

2.  Foaming performance: Plentiful, thick and high-dense foam, heavy duty and durable design

3.  Material: solid brass and metal body, stainless steel nozzle, nylon cover, and HDPE bottle.

4.  Capacity of bottle: 1 L

5.   Adjustable consumption of snow foam cleaner, Variable angle spraying pattern from pencil to 60° fan, resistant to chemicals.



Setting up your foam nozzle:      

1. Screw on your chosen adapter to the brass body. Ensure there is adequate PTFE tape on the threads before screwing the adapter on. Not using PTFE tape will cause water leaks and air leaks affecting the usability of the foam nozzle.

2. Attach the suction tube to the brass body inlet port.

3. Fill up the plastic bottle with plain water and run it through your pressure washer. Check for leaks and check the lance is working correctly.

4. Once you are satisfied there are no leaks and the lance is functioning correctly, fill up an inch of your dedicated snow foam cleaner in the bottle and appropriate amount of water.

5. After every use you must follow through with plain water for 30 seconds to flush out any snow foam cleaner. If left in, the mesh filter can become scaled and blocked.


Using Tips:

1. Higher pressure from pressure washer, better foam from foam nozzle. To get the thick foam as the photo above, the pressure of pressure washer should be more than 140bar.

2. If your pressure washer has 100~130bar only, please disassemble stainless steel nozzle from foam nozzle with flat screw driver, and install brass nozzle (comes with parcel). Please screw the brass nozzle a little loose, if your pressure washer works intermittently (on and off).  

3. High foam of snow foam cleaner is important. The general car washing shampoo may not generate thick foam.

4.  For better foam, 20% snow foam cleaner + 80% warm water is suggested. You can reduce the water amount accordingly, if aren’t satisfied with the foam quality.

5. To prolong the life of foam nozzle, after every use you must follow through with clean water for 30 seconds to flush out any snow foam cleaner. If left in, the mesh filter can become scaled and blocked.


If the foam nozzle can’t work properly, please try to check following points:

1. If the pressure washer is functioning correctly. There is no water leaks and air leaks anywhere.

2. If the pressure and flow from tap water is insufficient. The foam nozzle can’t create foam at low pressure and water flow.  Also, the self-priming function can’t be applied when you are using foam nozzle (i.e. The inlet water can’t come from pool or bucket).

3. If somewhere of foam nozzle is blocked by debris, dried detergent, or sealing tape. Please check the stainless steel nozzle, detergent suction nozzle and mesh filter. (Please contact us if you don’t know how to disassemble the foam nozzle and clean mesh filter)


Parcel contents:

1.  Brass body foam nozzle

2.  1 Litre bottle, marked with volume calibration line

3.  Suction tube

4.  Chosen adapter

5.  PTFE sealing tape

6.  Extra brass nozzle (for 100~120bar small pressure washer)



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