Oscillating Sprinkler

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The new Oscillating Sprinkler the new oscillating rotating shock sprinkler system Sprinkler can cover a very wide area to water your entire yard. Sprinkler system coverage radius is 35 feet. You save time and effort not having to move your Garden Sprinkler.

Due to the CONTROL RANGE You can easily control spray distance, intensity, and angle. No more wasting water spraying the street or the neighbor's property while missing part of your yard with our water sprinkler.

The strong METAL WEIGHTED BASE will increase the stability. In case of strong wind, the sprinkler will remain stationary. Sprinkler is equipped with NOZZLE CLEANING TOOL AND END PLUG. This will prevent breakage for years.

INTERNAL NOZZLES of the sprinkler are made of high-quality wear-resistant rubber and this contributes to the long-term use of the sprinkler. The CLEANABLE SLEEVE is simply removed from the tool and washed if necessary.



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