Smart Neck Massager


Smart Neck Massager™ is an effective and convenient massaging device that provides pain relief to your neck and upper back, improving your long-term health and wellbeing.

The device uses a combination of low frequency electrical pulses and heat to deliver a soothing experience to the neck. The combination of these techniques encourages blood flow and circulation in your neck muscles, and releases built up strain.


  • Tension headaches + migraines
  • Pinched nerves
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Neck spasms
  • Muscle tension + strain
  • Posture problems

This wireless and easy to use neck massager has a stylish design that mimics headphones for portability and discretion. 



Smart Neck Massager™ works by combining low frequency electrical impulses with TENS™ (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology + therapeutic heat.


This combination delivers endless benefits that encourage circulation and the release of endorphins, our body’s naturally occurring painkiller hormone. Increased circulation encourages your muscles to relax and release localised tension.


  • Relieves neck stiffness - through low-cycle pulse technology.
  • Alleviates cervical pain - with deep tissue pulse penetration.
  • Releases body tension + built up stress - with only 15min use daily.
  • Promotes blood circulation - with constant temperature massage mimicking a hot compress to accelerate blood flow.
  • Improves sleep quality - as using this device puts you in a more relaxed state which encourages better sleep.
  • Increases productivity - improves ability to concentrate without being distracted by pain.


The Smart-Neck Massager has 3 different massage modes that emulate traditional acupuncture and deep-tissue Shiatsu therapy, allowing your stiff connective tissue to let go almost instantly by accessing the depth of your trigger points.

With just 15 minutes of daily use, you will begin to feel results almost immediately. 

Regular use will lessen discomfort associated with the cervical spine, and encourage total relaxation in your neck and shoulders which tend to be common areas for stress build up and chronic tension.


    The soft pressure bands make this device suitable for all neck sizes. Expect a firm and comfortable fit.


    • Simulates neck massage combining heat and 3 massage modes.
    • Long-term results - with regular use.
    • Premium quality - stainless steel and silicone composition.
    • Ease of use - perfect to use for the whole family.
    • Lightweight & Practical - streamlined design.
    • One charge offers 15 relaxing minutes of daily use for up to 30 days.
    • Quick Heat-tech. Instantly heats up to desired temperature.
    • Smart-tech.The device automatically shuts off after 15min intervals to prevent overuse as a safety measure, and to preserve battery life.
    • Wireless technology + Ergonomic design

    Unlike bulky traditional neck massagers, the Smart Neck Massager brings clinical level relief technology to an elegant and compact design. It uses proprietary pulse-based healing for instant relief and maximum comfort.

    Consider this amazing device a small investment into your long term health and well-being with huge returns! The cost of a one hour massage, wrapped into a device that you can use time and time again, whenever and wherever you like.

    Smart Neck Massager makes for a thoughtful Christmas gift for a loved one who experiences a lot of stress or suffers from neck pain.

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